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National Geographic Traveler has selected Kerala as one of 50 must see destinations of a lifetime' and one of the 10 paradises of the World ' and Wayanad is a must see attraction.

Heart stopping beauty and hospitality

Rock haven promises you with heart stopping beauty of Wayanad and heart stopping hospitality of Rock Haven. Rock Haven ensures that the guests are satisfied beyond their expectations. We guarantee our guests with impeccable service and genuine attention. Our place is designed to meet your needs for a great place to stay after a great day sightseeing.

We understand that travelers give great importance to food menu when they travel to distant locales where the food culture can be different from native place. We have a reputation for outstanding service and attention to detail when it comes to preparing food for our esteemed guests. We always embrace the philosophy of using the freshest ingredients from local sources and we also give importance to seasonal menus that give a distant rich eating experience.

We believe in total business ethics in serving our guests and in keeping with the natural ambience, consumption of alcoholic drinks is not allowed at the resort. (Or not served in the resort).

A good stay will make your tour enjoyable and is a good beginning to your journey

Rock Haven always treats their guests as friends and make sure that their stay is enjoyable. You can always feel the happiness of staying inside a real home when you stay with us. We never consider our place as a provider of a sleeping place or a place where travelers can take rest rather we consider our places as a enlighten guide for travelers. You can always know the beauty of local places and local people and we can really show the real life of the places that you intend to visit and help you to get more knowledge something which guides cannot follow. We always believe that the world is friendlier than it is believed to be.

Pick up facility to our guests

Rock Haven makes arrangements for pick up facility of tourists from airports and we also make travel arrangements for departure. We also make arrangements for car rental services for our esteemed guests and we strongly recommend that our guests should use fully our pickup and delivery services as the roads are steep and narrow. If the guests wish to come in their car, we would arrange safe parking at the entrance gate to Rock Haven and we would pick up the guests from the entrance to Rock Haven.

Sightseeing and other activities

We are proud to take our guest to some of the best attractions in and around Wayanad.

Ayurvedic to rejuvenate your mind and body

We offer Ayurvedic services to our guests and we offer holistic treatment in the form of yoga .We give support to rejuvenation packages, honeymoon packages and special weight reduction packages. The Ayurvedic packages that we offer are meant for the rejuvenation of the mind and body of the participants and we would always create a positive ambience for that. We always make sure that the participants get the high positive vibe from us.

Guests must refrain from conduct that is inconsistent with the fun and family atmosphere at the Rock Haven. Such conduct includes but is not limited to: interfering with other guests' ability to enjoy an event; using foul or abusive language or gestures; appearing to be in a drunken or diminished capacity. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted to be brought into nor taken out of the Rock Haven and alcoholic beverages should not be consumed inside Rock Haven. We request all our guests to kindly cooperate with us to maintain the positive ambience of Rock Haven.

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