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You will miss the feeling of sensing one of the best natural places in world if you are to remove Wayanad from your travel itinerary.

General information about Wayanad

Area: 2132 sq. km
Altitude: 700 - 2100 m above sea level
Rainfall: 240cm annually
Clothing: Tropical

Wayanad is a ideal hill district situated in the North Western region of Kerala and is meant for people who is interested in visiting natural places. The place has dense forests and has got some of the exotic waterfalls and mountain streams. There are many hairpin roads that add to the adventure sense. Those who love for an adventure can take to trekking. Wayanad is part of the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves in India and the evergreen forest of Wayanad is the buffer zone between Northern and Southern part of Western Ghats. One can witness many ranges of flowers in this region.

Wayanad is an ideal spot for people who love anthropology as they can witness and study many nomadic tribes who still practice old age customs and rituals. Edakkal caves are a protected UNESCO heritage site.

Weather in Wayanad

Wayanad is known for comfortable climate throughout the year and the minimum temperature to maximum temperature will vary from 18 degree centigrade to 34 degree centigrade.

Three seasons

Summer season that starts from the month of March and that extends till May .You can feel hotness during this season but you will also feel comfortable due to the gentle breeze. The temperature goes up to a maximum of 35 °C (95 °F) during this period.

Rainy season that extends from June to November and you can see the mistiness during this season.

Winter season from November to February and you should keep warm clothes during this season with temperatures dropping down to 07 °C (45 °F) LANGUAGE DESCRIPTION

Malayalam is the local language though English is well understood and spoken here.


Indian Rupee, You can convert your foreign currency

Exchange Rate: $1.00 USD = approximately between 40 and 50 Indian Rupee


Travelers require a valid visa and passport to reach India and this place along with the travel tickets.


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Air: The nearest Airport is at Karipur, Calicut. 105km from Kalpetta.

Rail: The main railway station is at Calicut, 72km from Kalpetta.

Road: Wayanad Headquarters, Kalpetta is linked by road to other towns in Kerala and there are frequent buses to Calicut.

Best Option that Rock Haven recommends

You can reach Kozhikode airport and you can reach Wayanad through the road and the approximate time to reach is one hour and thirty minutes.

Kozhikode (Kerala) to Wayanad (Kerala) is 105 km.

Option one
You can reach Coimbatore by international flight and you can reach Wayanad through road.
Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) to Wayanad (Kerala) is 206 km.
Time by road is 5 hrs.

Option two
You can reach Mangalore by international flight and you can reach Wayanad through road
Mangalore (Karnataka) to Wayanad (Kerala) is 260 km.
Time by road is 7 hrs.

Option Three

You can reach Bangalore through flight and can reach Wayanad through road
Bangalore (Karnataka) to Wayanad (Kerala) is 289 km.
Time by road is 5 hrs, 20 mins.

Option Four
You can reach Cochin through flight and you can reach Wayanad through road
Kochi (Kerala) to Wayanad (Kerala) is 290 km.
Time by road is 6 hrs, 30 mins.

Option five
You can reach Chennai through flight and you can reach Wayanad through road
Chennai (Tamil Nadu) to Wayanad (Kerala) is 589 km.
Time by road is 13 hrs.

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