Rock Haven Ideal Breakfast

The best way to begin a day

Rock Haven understands that an ideal breakfast is the best way to begin a day. We provide our guests with a rich aroma of Kerala food that would satisfy the guests.

Start the day with freshness that softens your moods

Rock Haven start the day with freshly brewed coffee or tea to our guest. We would offer our guest with fresh banana and other fruits that are grown in our farm or purchased from good natural organic farms.

A rich menu to choose from

Rock Haven would offer a rich menu for the guest to choose from and we offer the best plain dosa to rich Kerala style food like idiappam which is known as noodles Appam.

Puttu or steam rice cake: This is a good food that can be taken with banana and Bengal gram curry. For those who love non vegetarian dishes, this steam rice cake is ideal to be used with egg curry and beef curry.

Noodles Appam: Rock Haven offer rich Kerala style food like idiappam or nool puttu which is known as noodles Appam.

Kerala Palappam / Vellayappam: This is one food that we make sure that guests taste this as this is the best local food that you can give a try. You should try this dish with vegetable stew and chicken stew that contains less spices.

Steamed Grated Tapioca: Tapioca is a delicious starch that can be easily consumed by humans. Rock Haven offer varieties with tapioca that guests can really try.

Dosa: This is a pancake that is made from rice batter and it has many formats like the plain dosa to rich masala dosa. Masala dosa means that you have a potato fill inside the dosa which is normally vegetarian.

Uthappam: This is a type of dosa that contains fillings like tomato and onion adding to the richness. The dish is served with coconut chutney.

Vatayappam: Sweet steamed cake is served with chicken or beef curry that would add to great taste. Actually this food is staple food of Kerala Christians.

Ada: Ella ada or banana leaf ada is a traditional Kerala sweet food that is made either with Jaggery or coconut.

Idli: This is boiled or steamed rice dumpling that can be served with vegetable sambhar or chutney.

Boiled banana with boiled egg: you can have Kerala Banana boiled along with boiled egg or you can simply taste boiled banana.

Pidi with chicken curry: this is a food that is made with rice powder and this tastes best with coconut milk and chicken curry.

We also serve Wild Honey, Medicinal Dishes from Sathavari, Koova, and Medicinal Juices Naruneendi, Wild Amla, crushed tender cocoa cream, and Fresh River Fish.

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