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Wayanad-the place you should be in and you should never miss

Wayanad is a cool place to be in and is a place of unfathomable natural beauty. This is the place which is quiet as a praying monk, content in its own space and the sort of the place that makes you always feel of getting back to sooner rather than later. The place should be soaked in at your own speed and you a quick pace would not allow you to get the real beauty in mind.

Wayanad is a pure place to be in as you can be part of the natural beauty, natural formations, exciting recreation opportunities and you can also part of the best cultures in India. Rock haven makes every effort to make sure that your stay with us is enjoyable. Wayanad is an excellent three-season world-class travel destination. After you leave us, you will realize that you have started viewing the world through a new perspective or lens. You would also acknowledge that you have been able to step outside of your comfort zone, and view some of the best scenic spots in the world.

Some places have been truly blessed by nature. Rare corners of the earth where the landscape, the atmosphere, climate and the signs of man combine in such a magical harmony as to effortlessly create a magical spell bound in your mind and Wayanad is one such place with Rock Haven complimenting it.

Welcome to rock haven where you can relax with the Mother Nature

Rock Haven symbolically represent a green carpet as it is situated in midst of nature beauty surrounded by forests. You will be surprised to find out that the essence of serviced villa is found here and it is in sync with the natural surroundings. Our cottage will take you to a calm world where nothing comes in between you and the nature and where you can easily get a chance to enjoy the nature in isolation. Explore the nature world through Rock Haven which is a nature friendly shelter having good facilities for a lovely and comfortable sleep.

We are happy to present our travelers with a serviced villa that stays close to the nature and that uses natural foods and creates an environment friendly atmosphere. We also make use of the modern technologies without causing harm to the nature.


Local attractions that Rock Haven recommends [The list is not an exhaustive one, visit us to make sure that you never miss a single spot of beauty]

Manikunnu Mala

Our place is situated 2 kilometer from the main town Kalpetta and we are staying close to the forest. The guests can reach Manikunnu Mala through a jungle path which is near to us and Manikunnu Mala is a historical place to be ignored. You can easily understand the life followed by tribals in these regions and you can easily understand the rich diversity of flora and fauna by taking diversion through road which will be guided by our team.

Rock Haven as the name suggests is surrounded by rocks that is believed to have there on an earthquake that occurred more than 1000 years before. At the entrance of Rock Haven, there is a cave and that has an underground way with slight water body inside. The rocks are found to resemble animals and it is a visual treat for travelers. Entering through the entrance, you will reach a place where you find the remnants of an old house and this house is believed to be the place where local people during the Indian Independence war had stayed hiding against the British Police. The old house that is reconstructed is the present Rock Haven. The other feature of Rock Haven is that you have a real view of Chembra peek or vellari mala.

Next to the holiday camp, you can see an old cave in which local people had certified that a leopard had lived there and you would notice only monkeys in the cave now and if you are lucky you can spot a deer also. Renewable materials collected from the same land are used in Rock Haven and foundation stone are shaped rock from the same land. Areca nut, bamboo, and bamboo mat are heavily used in our place.

Chembra Peak

This peak is an ideal tourist spot for people who love adventure tourism and this is a place known for trekking. The place is situated at an altitude level of 2100 meters above sea level.

Pookot Lake

This is an ideal spot for people who would like to spend some calming moments near the water and this place is a freshwater lake.

Edakkal caves

This is an ideal spot for those who love trekking and those who do not mind getting associated with some historical facts. Three caves are located at an altitude of 1000 meters.

Soochipara waterfalls

This is a three step water fall and this is a place where you can fill your mind with watery calmness. The waterfalls are more than 200 meters in water height.

Meenutty waterfalls

If you feel a water fall that falls from 200 meter in three stage is not enough you can take this water fall that falls from 300 meters in three stages.

Wayanad Ghats fall

This is a beautiful spot that is situated more than 2600 meters above the sea level and you can have an extravagant shopping of spices

Bansura Sagar Dam

This is the largest earth dam in India and the second largest in Asian continent.

Kuruva Island

This is a natural island where you can see the beauty of nature without any inhabitations. Wayanad Wildlife sanctuary: This is an ideal place for nature lovers seeking to see some of the best local wild life animals.

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